Delhi Belly (2011)

This movie is awesome on so many levels!

Delhi Belly is one of those rare examples of film-making from the land of Bollywood that actually reflect the mind-set of the modern Indian youth. The humour gets you so right. What you have here is an unadulterated product of the current generation of Indians and you can see how far we can go without the limiting factor of the general business model that’s seen in most movies of today. (The movie. Mainly because this movie was not fully aimed at the Indian audience.) Continue reading Delhi Belly (2011)

The Kite Runner




These are a few praises for the book printed on its cover. I don’t what to say myself. I want to say all this and even more I guess. This book has been lying on my bookshelf for quite a while now and I regret not opening it before. I tried once, but left because of a ridiculously busy study schedule for a high school student. I had no other choice. You have to study a lot if you’re an average student and want to make it into any professional college in India.

So how was it? I think the question is Continue reading The Kite Runner

The Machinist (2004)

Its movies like these that remind us that there’s no actual limit to creativity. Nowadays Hollywood is running poor in that area and movies like The Machinist just manage to keep our hopes up. I’m glad I haven’t read the synopsis or anything about the story beforehand. That helped to keep the suspense going.

Right from the start, the movie Continue reading The Machinist (2004)

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso


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