Then And Now

I found it simple once;
Life, as it was, an honest fare.
Spent in anticipation, of joy;
Not a care. Continue reading Then And Now

The Rise Of Hurt

In the land of the naked Fakir,
Where words once flowed
Like rivers of fame, with utter fearlessness bestowed;
Now stands a nation, a dream gone astray,
Where words are censured, before we say.
Continue reading The Rise Of Hurt

The Problem With Our Masks

I’m sitting on the second last bench. The entire batch of 2013 is sitting in front of me. Checked shirts, stylish ponytails, and the boring teacher giving his boring lecture. It is a fact that no one really has any real interest in what he’s saying and even he knows that. And there are those in front who are still pretending that they are interested.

My theory of people is different. What I see in front is a bunch of liars. There are many others who Continue reading The Problem With Our Masks


This post is in response to Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge, Daily Post Photo Challeges: Silhouette, EarthBetween and Minimalist and Destino’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso


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