Field Visit

A visit to a random slum in the Narakasur Hill area for our project.

Man even the slums look nice here!

#FieldVisit Man even the slums look nice here

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The Gateway to the North-East

Gateway to the North-East by Abhineet Dey on

Guwahati by Abhineet Dey on 500px

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Then And Now

I found it simple once;
Life, as it was, an honest fare.
Spent in anticipation, of joy;
Not a care. Continue reading Then And Now

The truth about Intolerance

In light of recent events, there’s a lot of discussion going on about the rise of intolerance in the country. Reports of communal violence have increased (only reports, mind you), celebrities are being ostracised for their statements, students are being branded as anti-nationals just for their opinions. But all have a common denominator, one that people fail to focus on. Continue reading The truth about Intolerance

Amidst the Darkness

The night when we were in complete darkness, I found light.

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Somewhere in Between

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Seeping through the threads
Crawling o’er the skin,
The cold sets in.
Soaking in the rain.

A contrast of senses,
The exterior in confusion.
Almost a transformation,
The world above and below.

Turbulence ensuing, the world outside,
An o’erpowering calmness inside.
Immersed in melody, (a) sea of emotions,
As I was drenched in the rain.

Cover photoRain Room, 2012, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY ©Random International

Submitted to Daily Post prompt: Water, H2O & Posterity


Submitted to A Word A Week Photography Challenge, The Daily Post Challenges: Minimalist, Voyage, Water, H2O & Afloat, and Destino’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso

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