Why Is Aamir Khan Such a Pretentious Prick


Couldn’t agree more.

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Once upon a time in India, Lagaan released.

The film was a smash hit, was sent as our choice for the Oscars (but couldn’t win, as the jury grew old and died during the interval) and Aamir Khan suddenly became the thinking man’s conscience. The guy who would never attend film awards because he didn’t believe in them, suddenly seemed to be jumping up and down the red carpet, promoting his film. But of course, he was doing it for the nation.

When Lagaan lost out to No Man’s Land, Aamir Khan told the press that the other film deserved to win. When I saw it, said Khan, I knew that it was better than ours. From that moment on, Aamir Khan has somehow projected and marketed himself as the voice of the nation/youth/continent/solar system.

And it’s fucking annoying.


Alright, so he chooses to do one movie at a time, reads…

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Only the first day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

  1. Drain cleaner and rust remover (Nitric acid or Sulphuric acid)
  2. Model engine fuel (Nitro-methane)
  3. Oxidizing Agent (eg. Ammonium nitrate)
  4. Pool sanitizer (Hydrogen peroxide)
  5. Chlorinating agent (Chlorine)

Well, nuh.

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Clone myself? Yeah. But only after I die.
I’m definitely against splitting my responsibilities with a clone. That would take away the joy of life. All the hardships, all the tension, all the enjoyments and so much more. Why would someone in their right minds even do that?

PS.I could clone myself just after I die. But only if I have no family left. (And friends count as family too.)


Bollywood movies aren’t really my cup of tea. So whenever I go for a Bolly flick, I make sure that it’s a great one. The movie, pk has been making quite a buzz since its release. Just like OMG: Oh My God!, pk takes on the core beliefs and systems of a highly religious society that is the Indian society. This is not your average run-of-the-mill movie, but at the same time the movie is a passable one. There are lots of Continue reading pk

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