Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

This movie has so much heart. For years this movie had been lying in my PC and I finally played it tonight. And I am glad that I had waited this long. This is a rare piece of work that is mature and so full of meaning. The deeply layered movie, beautifully explores the intricate details about an ordinary family with ordinary people with real problems; problems that might not appeal to everyone on screen but, very real problems. And the way the movie depicts all of this with such good screenplay, everything plays out beautifully. The humor that is not at all deliberate but comes out spontaneously like in real life is one of the most beautiful aspects of this film. And the cast is simply terrific. With the super cute Abigail Breslin at the helm; the movie tells us about the family that supports her all the way in spite of all the problems that each individual has: the suicidal uncle played by Steve Carell, the not so family friendly grandpa played by Alan Arkin, the father with some personality issues portrayed by Greg Kinnear and a real mom superbly acted by Tony Collette. Plus there’s another teenager with issues played by Paul Dano. The cast was perfect and they made the characters come alive. Nothing was a miss. And with one of the score I’ve heard and with the great writing and screenplay, this movie was a piece of achievement for the directorial couple Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.

This movie rightfully has its place among some of the best works of Hollywood.


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