Her (2013)

This movie is unique; I’ll give you that.

A guy falls in love with a piece of software? Siri users- beware.

At first, I considered it to be a three star (out of five) ’cause the OS (her name is Samantha in the movie) felt too real. The conversations were far too human-like to be processed by any kind of artificial intelligence systems conceivable in this century. If it were possible even, then quantum computers are the only ones that could do the job. But seeing all the technology featured in the movie- quantum computers would have had a LOT of impact in other area like infrastructure and the overall technological level of the society as a whole but not in the movie. And yeah, i take the ‘science’ part of any science fiction very seriously.

But the way the movie showed something that is so hard to describe was just beautiful. Maybe that’s why it landed Her a nomination for the oscars. The way the movie dealt with all the infinite complexities of our mind, the relations between people and the society and its stand on the topic of love as a whole; I mean it was truly an achievement. In that, the main protagonist plays a central role and was well played by Joaquin Phoenix. And Amy Adams worked her magic as usual. Great acting to say the least. And Scarlett Johansson’s voice for Samantha was just a big plus for me. The sex parts felt very twisted though.

This is a great watch for all those are in interested in intellectual films. In the end, Her is a great work but can get you really bored at times.


This post was submitted in a Daily Prompt: Soulful Machines

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