Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Quentin Tarantino. Once you know that this guy is involved in the movie, there’s no turning back. This movie is a typical example of his trademark non-linear storyline marked with excessive violence. The story was short, interesting and had many layers in it. All were showed in a great Jerome Tarantino style.

With such a strong cast of actors, the movie was very gritty and felt real. A bank heist gone bad where the robbers eventually try to work out who was responsible. The movie explores each characters separately and tells us each one of their stories. My personal favorite was Harvey Keitel who also starred in the cult classic Pulp Fiction. Plus this was also the movie where I recognized Quentin Tarantino (Mr. Brown) for the first time and boy was I shocked! I mean I never had any idea that he was also an actor. I mean I saw him in so many films like Desperado and Django Unchained for example without knowing who he really was. All movies directed by this man are great, just like the fact that almost almost movies with Leonardo DiCaprio turn out great. And this movie was no exception.

In the end, this review turned out to be more about the director rather than the movie itself but that’s the point. All his movies have his characteristic style that never gets old. Another great work by a great talent. Hats off to that.


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