Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

The greatest marvel movie till date? Hell yeah!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier grips you as the opening credits finish. I had highly mixed feelings about the first movie. But this movie, it was just perfect. This movie is easily one of the best ones I’ve watched this year. Not to mention, the best written superhero movie after the Dark Knight. (No The Avengers doesn’t make it here. Wasn’t the main plot story a little too simple there?) The story definitely catches the viewer by complete surprise. The plot twists were too good and are one of the main strengths of the movie. And the fight scenes. Don’t miss the fight scenes. They really get you adrenaline rushing and the captain has a lot of fighting in this movie, a LOT. And its not easy for him too. Captain America, an enhanced super soldier. Sure, he can do a lot. But it doesn’t mean that he’s invincible. And the movie shows just that, though he can sure take a hit!

This yours, Captain?
This yours, Captain?

The name was really catchy and that got me worried if the movie turned out to be like The Revenge of the Fallen (Seriously.Fallen was the name of a character!?) But the movie really lived up to the name, and the Winter Soldier was just amazing. Other than the main plot story which was simply brilliant, the movie also deals heavily with the Winter Soldier. The character felt great as well as terrifying. Well, terrifying to a more extent because of the gripping music that used to make us feel his presence. This movie also has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard. This is a very important thing because music can either make or break a movie. A good movie has to have the right kind of music. (No music will also count in some cases.) Henry Jackman did a superb job here and like all the talented music directors in great flicks like this, he should also be credited.

The only downside I felt in the movie was The Falcon. I mean that character was a little too hard to believe and Anthony Mackie‘s acting was off putting at times. 

In a word, the movie was simply amazing. The extra flicks shown at he end credits are always a welcome and Scarlett Johansson and Samuel Jackson are some of the character that just bring more life to the movie. Great cast, great action, great special effects, great story and a really great movie.


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