Brothers for Life

Vidyapith was so many things for me. It was so much for all of us. And I am the most grateful for giving me the friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life. They are the main reason besides the school that made me what I am today. And among those 72, two were to be my closest of them all. Well, actually those two were one of the first friends I made there. And we stayed together for all the seven years in that exciting place. We were inseparable and in class six our trio was formed. Manjit was the first one I gained acquaintance of. He was to teach me most of the things that helped me through the first few years of school. I admired him in every way. He was charismatic, a good sportsman and an athlete and he was really smart. More so, he was a good guy. I was fortunate to have been allotted the same hostel as him for the first year. I learnt a lot from Manjit and we quickly became good friends. Then one day, he introduces me to Mittal. The three musketeers were formed. We stayed together whenever we could. Be it the class, the field, the auditorium, wherever it was possible. And did we have fun! The first picture that comes to me whenever I remember Class VI was us three having fun together. I was the timid one among the three so they had more guts to do more illegal things. Pen fighting, teasing others, causing havoc in the class, annoying the seniors, discussing our new school and everything. Despite the severe ragging I faced that year, Class VI was one of the best years I spent in the Vidyapith. We named half of the class that year! And we did so much more. Mittal and I grew closer in class VII as we were in the same hostel that year. And till the end of our secondary school years, we were always together. Nothing could separate us. No batch politics, no hostel rivalries not football teams, nothing.


It’s safe to say that as we became more mature, our friendship became more serious. Only in our final year did we really bond like brothers. Mittal and I were roommates and we used to discuss our journey together. Knowing the fact that it was our last year together almost brought me to tears at times. He and I used to talk all the time and we always brought along Manjit whenever we could. I wanted us to stay forever but life’s life and so we had to bid goodbye in the end.

We were from different parts of the country so visits are very rare. But social networks and modern communications help us to keep in touch but its not the same. Nothing will ever be the same.

This post was in response to a Daily Post Writing Challenge: My Dear Watson & Companion

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