The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

This is by far the most beautiful movie I have seen till date.

Sure, Upside Down also tried a lot for the same effect but fails miserably with its absolutely stupid story and everything else. Now about this movie.

Well, many movies are basically just tales told through audio and visual tools. But at the same time many movies try to be larger than while in reality they’re just a story told in under 2 hours. Take the case of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. That movie was just spectacular and rightfully holds its place among the greatest. And in the end, the movie was just an exciting tale told in the most extraordinary manner possible. Even here, The Grand Budapest Hotel does just that. The movie tells about the story of the Hotel, how it came to be and most importantly, the people who were responsible for it.

The dynamic duo
The dynamic duo

The first thing that will catch your eyes is the absolutely gorgeous set pieces. And just the perfect application use of post processing everywhere really make the movie stand out. I downloaded the movie with reference to a list of the most beautiful movies in Hollywood and I sure now know why. The story was also pretty exciting. One good thing about the writing was the movie was entirely focussed on the main plot story while still giving the right amount of attention to all the smaller details. All this would not have been possible without Ralph Fiennes as the lead actor and Tony Revolori as his loyal companion. The movie had the right amount of comedy here and there and that really gave the movie its unique character. The picturesque settings, the epic story and the dramatic screenplay really made the movie feel like a fairy tale. One that I enjoyed thoroughly. The only downside I felt was the ending. It wasn’t bad in any way but it also didn’t give proper justice to this great film.

This movie is a great watch.


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