In Time (2011)


Like I said before, I am guy who takes the ‘science’ in science fiction seriously and there are quite a lot of loopholes in this movie.

  1. First is why do you have to have your bank balance written over you arm? Its dangerous even for today!
There it is; the bar code reader from another century. (the previous one)

Like if science progressed so much to create a digital display of infinite battery life on your body, how come the rest of the world remains essentially the same. Even the reader looks like it came from the 80’s. And if everything’s digitised like that, couldn’t someone just hack a terminal and make millions.

  1. In the future, all the cars become ugly. 

Really, that was the first thing I noticed in this modern utopia. And all the law enforcement vehicles came in black in matte.

3. Even the people dressed uglier

I mean did you see the security guards? I don’t know why they would all chose to wear the exact same dorky glasses.

4. Banks, really.

In a time when everything is digitised to the very bone of your body, why the hell do you need banks for? And even if you wanna keep banks, do you really need to keep all those bar-code readers in the locker instead of installing one simple terminal to provide the principle.
And since when did robbing banks get so much easier? It was quite evident that robbing banks is easy as pie and the lead characters even consider it as a job option at the end of the movie.

  1. Theoretically, immortality is possible in this world.

People just intentionally put a time limit to your life and then shock you to death. Can’t anyone just turn the timer off.

  1. How the f** are babies born with timers!?


  1. Guns stay the same.

By this time, its no surprise.

  1. Basically the whole world is the USA

Again, after watching so many Hollywood movies, I can say only one thing- STAY AWAY FROM AMERICA DURING AN ALIEN INVASION, APOCALYPSE OR WHATEVER!

  1. Is there never any social activist?

Many times, the hero is the only person in the world who has the opinion that all is not right.

  1. I still don’t understand that duel

What happened when those two were in a showdown holding each others’ hands?

That’s all about the science. And now the rest:

A. Since when did turning against your dad become so easy?

After spending only two days with the guy who KIDNAPPED HER, she decides to rob her dad and spend the rest of her life with this guy as a vigilante.

B. Stupid romance.

I mean the romance was off putting and frankly speaking, sex would have been better.

The one good thing about the movie

On the bright side, Olivia Wilde. And the font design in the movie credits was nice. And despite all the drawbacks, the movie still didn’t make me want to kill myself.


4 thoughts on “In Time (2011)”

  1. And how about the friend of the lead who on receiving the extra years ‘drank himself to death’ seriously? -_- in d future? When dey shd have personalised stem cell banks

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