Zombieland (2009)

Fun is the word I would use to describe this movie.

Kinda reminded me of another great flick, Hot Fuzz. Both these movies have some similarities between them.

  1. Both are great movies.
  2. Both are really funny.

  3. The audience can really connect with characters in the film, unlike most comedies that you see.

  4. The climax of both the movies occurs at night.

  5. Both movies have a great bromance.

  6. Both are movies.

The first time you let a girl into your life, she tries to eat you.
The first time you let a girl into your life, she tries to eat you.

I repeat that its pretty rare for any comedy movie to be so funny and yet make very believable characters. The climax was great and had some really enjoyable moments. Jesse Eisenberg played a really enjoyable character and it was a pleasure to have him as the narrator. At the start, I was wondering about the familiar voice and minutes before his appearance I guessed Eisenberg. Feels great when that happens.

I waited a long time to watch this movie and I fully enjoyed this flick. Zombieland is a really great watch for anybody who has very high tolerance to excessive gore. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. This movie is very brutal! But apart from the excessive killing and flying body parts, its pretty funny.


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