The Quiet Ones (2014)

“Let’s watch this one. The trailer’s really awesome.”

The mention about the trailer gave me mixed feelings. For a guy living in the land of Bollywood, trailers can be very deceiving. But I didn’t watch the trailer because I wanted to take the movie fresh, without any foresight.

And in the end, the movie sucked.

There are many movies that are dreadfully slow in the first half and finally pick up pace afterwards and even end up being a great flick. But this one is nothing like that. Rather, this movie does the opposite.

I miss Sherlock

The first half was definitely not bad for a regular horror flick with several nice moments. (One of them lead to a scratch on my arm from my sister.) But there were some obvious characters that also made the movie dull. Two characters were the main ones in the movie besides the ghost-girl: The Professor, played by Jared Harris and the camera man played by Sam Claflin.

The professor was a character who was always so sure and never had any fear of any kind. And he still felt like Professor James Moriaty from the Game of Shadows (which was another stupid sequel-movie by the way.) The camera man was the real scaredy-cat. In fact, he almost was like a little girl. And another thing that pissed me off was that nothing ever happened when the professor in his encounters with the girl while all hell breaks loose with all the other characters.

The first half felt okay, but the movie finally progressed half way, it stopped making any real sense. The movie leads the viewer confused about everything. Nothing is explained and the characters sort of follow their own stories. In the end, everyone except the man-girl is dead in a fire that appears out of nowhere and the movie concludes disappointing in a way that very few can.

And also, why was the movie called The Quiet Ones anyway?


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