American Beauty (1999)


In spite of being a kinda perverted movie, in the end, the movie turn out to be a masterpiece. This movie, at its core, was about the beauty of life and how people are swayed away with all the wrong notions- a movie that was about self-discovery of a married man in his mid-life crisis.

[Spoiler] So what happens at the end? No, there are no birds chirping and the trees dancing while the father lifts his daughter in joy. There is a dead man with his brains sprayed on the walls while his insecure daughter prepares to run away from her family with her drug-addict boyfriend whose father, in turn, has some serious anger issues; all during a time when his overly materialistic wife returns home to explain to him about how and why she cheated on him. Oh and there was an underage teenager in the bathroom who was about to have sex with that man.

Despite the cynical image that scene creates, it is when the viewer truly gets a glimpse of what the movie is really about.


The art direction in the movie is fantastic. The director, Sam Mendes has masterfully captured a dark and humorous story in a way that no one else can. The movie has lots of still shots using very simple techniques. The limited use of lighting in the movie also helps a lot. Everything adds up just right.

Simple shots and a deep and dark storyline makes this movie a memorable one.
Simple shots and a deep and dark storyline make this movie a memorable one.


This is not the kind of music most would listen to in their spare time. But this music is something that was just right for the movie. The music is particularly effective when the lead role, fantasizes about the young girl. It just gets you in the moment.

PS. I’m listening to it right now.


The entire cast performs exceptionally. There is nothing less here.
The entire cast performs exceptionally.
There is nothing less here.

The cast is one of the best. The characters were completely believable and the acting made them ever more realistic. So it is obviously made clear that acting was top notch but who could have any doubts when the likes of Kevin Spacey are in the lead. And not to mention Annette Bening playing the role of the wife flawlessly. To sum it up, I would’ve believed them to be a real family if I had ever met them in person.

There are so many levels to this movie and so much to talk about. The dark story with its moments of humor made this movie a simple joy to watch. The acting, the music, everything was in synergy.

This is an American masterpiece.


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