Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

One of the biggest movies of 2014 with superheroes. Of course I wasn’t going to miss this one! Many even consider this one to be one of the best superheroes movies till date. After watching the entire film, I must admit- this was a very well done movie. Still it ain’t the best in my book. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Dark Knight and The Watchmen are still at the top of my list.

Still, Guardians of the Galaxy is a great watch for anyone. The movie has some of the most gorgeous set pieces and the science fiction part of this movie was, what to say- sexy. The guns, the space ships, the space stations and even the dresses looked cool. I mean who couldn’t like the ‘starfish fighter’ of the Nova-Corps? And not to mention the main spacecraft used by the heroes in the movie. That is simply one of the most beautiful space ship to have ever hit the movie screens. A big achievement to the entire concept art and development team here.


The scale of the movie was huge, though still not as immense as I thought it would be. You name the movie like that, what can you expect people to want? Still. The entire time the movie looked simply gorgeous. This is one of the few movies in recent times that didn’t shy away from using such vivid colours without screwing anything up. Everything in the movie just looked right, especially the space crafts.

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One of most powerful weapons in movie history.
One of most powerful weapons in movie history.

This one simply won my heart. The main selling point here is the concept art. I know this is like the third time I mentioned this, but this movie is one hell of an example of great artwork. Some of the weapons featured were really cool, especially Yondu‘s tiny little weapon of mass destruction. In fact, it might one of my favourite sci-fi weapons of recent memory.

The guns and spacecraft physics felt believable but it looked as if that every spacecraft looked like it was designed for that part of the movie. For example, when Star-Lord was fending off Ronan’s minions, the ‘industry grade’ spaceship was really the right size to fit into the enemy spacecraft while its two arms were perfectly suited to steer the craft even!(???)

There’s not a lot more to discuss here as the movie doesn’t explore anything new in this field and many of the concepts seen here can be found in several others.

Still it really bugs me when all creatures in the galaxy speak English. The worst example in this case is from the Mass Effect universe. Also, almost all creatures here have a humanoid body structure and everyone features an identical psychological behaviour. I mean there must be some creatures who don’t have a sense of humour or some that get in a bloody rage simply when touched. Just saying.

Ravager Ship and Nova Corp. Starblasters
Ravager Ship and Nova Corp. Starblasters

PS. The visuals still kick ass.


Marvel movie very rarely feature a good storyline. For example, everything in The Avengers movie seemed okay except how it all began. It felt as if the first few minutes were just made up to somehow complement the awesome amount of action that had planned for the movie. In recent times the following movies featured a decent storyline: X-Men (2000), X2 (2003), Spider Man (2002), Spider Man 2 (2004), Hulk (2003), Iron Man (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), X-Men: First Class (2011) , X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). As you can see, none of the individual franchises have everything done all right. The biggest example is from the X-Men universe with movies mainly focussed on The Wolverine, and they sucked badly. Similarly is the unnecessary reboot of the Spider Man franchise. There are so many others I could talk about but I can go off topic for only one paragraph here.

Just a bunch of A-Holes
Just a bunch of A-Holes

My point is that this movie fares better than most and it’s not easy handling so many different characters in such a uncharted universe in the big screen for the first time. Having said that, there are many obvious plot holes, the first one being the characters getting ready to lay down their lives for one another when they had known each other for only hours. Sure Ronan destroyed everyone’s lives but Rocket is the thinking type and he would need a lot more convincing that simply one collective stare.

One thing I liked are the many things that are left unfinished in the movie, all done in a non-annoying kind of way. Like the mystery of Star-Lord’s father, the other evil daughter, Nebula, unexplored origin stories of all the characters, and last but not the least, Thanos.

The pacing was good, with a nice touch of humor and suspense. This movie translates well into a nice entertainment package.


Not much to say except everyone was good. Dave Bautista aka ‘Batista’ impressed with his acting and he was just as good as everyone else, even the Squirrel.


The old pop songs added a very nice charm to the movie. Right from the start, the music told me to ’sit back and enjoy the ride’. In addition to a sentimental value in the movie, the songs strangely complemented the movie very well and the film ended up being feeling like a grand adventure of the Wild West. (of the Milky Way.)

This is a great film.


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