Dead Poets Society (1989)

Some movies leave you wanting more. Dead Poets Society was a fine piece of work, a masterpiece in fact. Only a few movies really have that character that makes them great.

Everything was just right from the start. I’ve observed that during the opening credits less is always more. (Superhero movies excluded.) The movie deals with a group of students studying in an esteemed academy who meet with a very passionate English teacher who helps them find their inner voice.


Right from the start, the movie is very visually appealing. The direction style of many the movies from that time were good. In fact, I find them better than most of today’s films. Regardless, the lighting was great and even the few action scenes with the kids moving about. My favourite part was when Keating helps Todd compose a poem on the spot and to the whole class’s surprise, how good he was at it.

Cast and Acting

Robin Williams A magical performance.
Robin Williams
A magical performance.

Everything that was great in this movie came from the acting. The cast was superb and all the actors played their role exceptionally. I’ve read a lot of articles about Robin Williams and how he played a central role in bringing out the spirit of the movie and also how important the movie was for his acting career. I agree with all of that. Robbin William’s unique sense of humour combined with his incredible talent of playing dead serious brought out the character of John Keating better than anyone could have ever imagined. This part was made for Robbin Williams. But what I also want to add is how good the other cast was. All the youngsters did a fine job depicting their own unique characters. The versatile Robin Williams along with the likes of Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard and so many others was an ensemble of the very best. This movie is one fine example.


Another thing I like about the movies from the 80’s and 90’s was their background music or the lack of it. Yes, there are moments where we need the melody to appreciate the gravity of the scene but usually, the lack of music is just music to my ears. The sounds of footsteps and floor creaking underneath, the sound of rustling leaves and the animals that shout in response, all of this and so much more. This was just music to my ears. [Spoiler] The final scene where the students finally bid adieu to their captain was one the most touching moment in the movie. The Scottish music, the acting and Robbin Williams, everything just added up perfectly.
Thank you boys. Thank you.

This was one of the most powerful scene I've seen in Hollywood.
One of the most emotionally powerful scenes I’ve seen in Hollywood.

This is one heck of a movie!


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4 thoughts on “Dead Poets Society (1989)”

  1. I completely agree with you. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I am currently a teacher. (Math not english.) I often challenge myself to be inspirational to my students just like in Dead Poets Society. I don’t often succeed, but I think it is a great goal to have.

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    1. This is something i agree with you.
      Most of the teachers i know stick to the established curriculum and never take any creative steps to make their class more interesting.


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