pk (2014)

Bollywood movies aren’t really my cup of tea. So whenever I go for a Bolly flick, I make sure that it’s a great one. The movie, pk has been making quite a buzz since its release. Just like OMG: Oh My God!, pk takes on the core beliefs and systems of a highly religious society that is the Indian society. This is not your average run-of-the-mill movie, but at the same time, the movie is a passable one. There are lots of

strong and intelligent arguments put forward in the film that get you thinking. Other than this, there is nothing much to see.


Very weak. [Spoiler] There are lots of movies where we’re visited by extra-terrestrials, but this one has some of the weirdest concepts.

  1. Firstly, what was its purpose?
    The alien with no name just came to earth after traveling millions of light years to do what? Nothing. He JUST came to earth. How can an advanced civilization capable of traversing astronomical distances at or greater than light speed, visit our planet without any aim or purpose?! There could be a million possibilities about the cause of their visit but there is no chance that such an advanced being would come here like an idiot, and also act like one.
  1. How can it be so dumb?
    The alien acts like as if it knows nothing about anything. Yes, when we finally find another planet with alien life, we would send the greatest idiot across billions of miles just to spend some time with aliens.
  1. A necklace?
    Okay, the aliens didn’t put on any apparel so a necklace would suffice. But I would definitely expect a more secure housing for such a precious item like a harness or even a body implant. Even then, there would definitely be a second plan in case of any disaster.
  1. Language and information
    The alien had the capability of absorbing all information from another being simply by holding the other’s arms. Then why was it not the first thing to do when it landed here?
  1. Religion
    India is a religious country. But it is not a hopelessly fanatical society. It seemed that the TV News host and the lead actress were the only ones in the entire nation with a modern outlook on religion. Also, it is simply not possible that one would fixate so strongly on the issue of god even when the majority of the people believe in it. I mean that, if the alien could become so obsessed on this topic then who not the millions of children of the nation- for whom, the world is a similar mystery?
  1. The debate
    In the final part of the movie, Jagat Janani discusses the intricate details about her past love life without putting the audience up to speed with anything. How can people understand what they were talking about without knowing anything beforehand?
  1. The second visit
    Many people argued with me that the alien came for research purposes while in the movie there was no effort by the character in that direction. Still, if that were true, why would the second visit be in the exact same location while they could’ve landed somewhere else to learn new culture and traditions?

*It is also true that the second mission could be a follow up for the data collected on the first visit as there is a lot to find here. Even so, research about an alien civilization would try to cover up a general overview about the entire planet.

  1. The Condom (this one’s from the social media)
    How can the alien not know anything about condoms and sex when it learnt most of the things from a prostitute?

But aside from the major story plot holes (which is so common in Bollywood), the movie does have its moments. The comedy in the movie was very genuine and I was amused at almost all the funny scenes. Humor in Bollywood movies nowadays has become more childish than the jokes in cartoons! This is not the case here. And aside from that, the arguments in the movie really made this one worthwhile.

  1. Wrong number
    This was a good one. Besides, the main plot, the love story in the film was short and fun to watch. The twist at the end made the movie all the more enjoyable.
  2. Condom
    The argument on condoms in the latter part of the movie was amusing as well as interesting.
  3. Investment and returns
    The simple but clever demonstration about how religion can be used to take advantage of the common man’s fear during a college exam was a great idea.


This movie does feature an alien but there is relatively no science here. The only strange point is that the alien has the exact same external anatomy as that of a human. (And an extremely similar psychological behavior.)


Shallow characters and a weak storyline completely took the edge off the movie.

This is one of the stronger aspects of the movie. The cast features lots of talented actors. Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma and Boman Irani play their roles outstandingly. If the story would have been stronger, this ensemble was enough to make a masterpiece.
PS. Rukhsar Rehman looked absolutely stunning in the movie.


Bollywood movies are famous worldwide for featuring songs in movie in the most obtrusive way imaginable. This here is no exception. Though the music sequences in the movie do feel nauseating, I would just say that the songs were okay. One bad thing about this film like many other films made here is that there are very few scenes that feature no music. It is as if that you HAVE to play some kind of background music to express the emotions and feelings in the story. That is not true.

Even this movie had its share of controversies; Vile Parle Congress legislator Krishna Hegde ‘dressed’ up the actor’s poster and a cutout before a large number of people who cheered and clapped their approval because the poster was 'inappropriate'.
Even this movie had its share of controversies;
Vile Parle Congress legislator Krishna Hegde ‘dressed’ up the actor’s poster and a cutout before a large number of people who cheered and clapped their approval because the poster was ‘inappropriate’.

An average movie, with a not so average story, pk is just okay to watch. I would end with a Facebook post on this movie:

“Jadoo” and now “PK”; Experts wonder why good aliens visit India while bad aliens attack US.


5 thoughts on “pk (2014)”

  1. When i saw the movie,the concept of aliens visiting seemed cliched to me in the beginning, but as the story progressed i loved the brilliant way the writer developed the theme and posed such strong question,in an amusing and light hearted way and made me think on some critical issues.
    and yes some of your observations of the plotholes are very correct..never noticed them. 😛

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