The African Queen (1951)

When you hear about World War I, you think about well, war. The African Queen is one of the movies based on the First Great War. The setting is in the African continent and is a story about two people and their epic adventure in the service of the Union Jack. But what this movie is really about is a tale of love and adventure between two unlikely individuals who are broken and torn in a time of crisis.

The African Queen (1951) Directed by John Huston Shown from left: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn


Something that I liked in particular about this movie was the set-pieces. The entire movie progressed with one gorgeous set-piece after another. From an African village to a wide span of water, from deadly rapids to the densest swamp in all of Africa, the movie was a treat to the eyes.

Acting & Cast

Humphrey Bogart was splendid like in all of his movies. The role of a simple man with an alcohol tendency was played with grace and a good amount of humour. Katharine Hepburn was also a joy to watch. Such a strong duo could make any movie a hit. This is a very big factor in this movie because everything happens between the two lead characters only. Their conversations, their fights, everything adds up to the story. The element of love was another plus point in this movie and helped keep up the good tempo throughout.


All background scores in movies of that time sound very similar if not identical. The African Queen was no exception. There was little or no music most of the time (something which I like in movies). All in all, the sound effects, the music, all were good and okay.

All’s well that ends well.

This movie is something that you could pass on. I still wonder why some consider this to be one of the best movies based on the First World War or one of the best even. Regardless, this is a watchable movie and one that you can enjoy.


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