Big Hero 6 (2014)

Not a bad movie.

The main thing that impressed me about the movie was not the story, characters or the voice acting. The visuals were what made this movie stand out. Big Hero 6 is a great movie but in my opinion, the Academy was a lucky win for this movie as better movies have been made. But that’s another topic.


The animation industry has come a long way in movie making. Since the first fully 3D animated feature film, Toy Story way back in 1995, the technology, skill and the workforce has progressed a lot. You can draw a lot of differences between that movie ad the third movie in the installment, Toy Story 3 released in 2010. Big Hero 6 belongs to the current generation of movies and the visuals are simply stunning. Some sequences were so well done that it was almost impossible to tell if this was animated. The art concepts were really nice and cute. Baymax has to be one of the cutest robot ever. The entire film employed heavy use of colours and overall this was a very adorable movie.

San Fransokyo
San Fransokyo


This was well done. Without a good perspective, you can’t actually really appreciate the movie well. This one checks all the right boxes here.



To be frank, this was something that I couldn’t really connect with. The story felt slightly weak and highly predictable. The main plot didn’t seem to have any real direction when suddenly we get to know the real intention of the main antagonist. After that, everything was the same again. [Spoiler, kind of] Good guys try to beat the bad guy for the first time and fail. They work on their issues and try for the second time. Bam! They win and are now, heroes.
Character design was good but the characters themselves were not that strong. All the characters felt familiar and there were very few surprises in the storytelling.


Voice acting was good as always. This is one department that these movies never miss. The background score was good to go with the movie. In short, the audio department didn’t miss a beat.

Academy Award winner for best Animated Movie in 2014. Yeah, the movie didn’t impress that much. Even then, this one is  a treat to the eyes and there’ still a lot to see here.

This is a good one.


14 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 (2014)”

      1. It just seems sometimes as if it is kind of like ‘deal with it and move on’… and I don’t like that. It is supposed to be a kids movie. I love how nowadays it is not as dark anymore, not the way it used to be when I was a child. The movies are in general lighter and not as mean. But this one was slightly different. I still liked it and I think it is because Big Hero 6 is so likeable and as you said the way it is made is really good.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I generally agree with the views here as far as the story goes, but otherwise, this was still a good entertaining movie that’s better suited for a younger audience as far as superheroes are concerned. As someone familiar with comic books, both American and Japanese, to me, the story wasn’t so much an attempt to be creative (that was certainly left to the visuals) as it was an homage to the various genres the movie was drawing from. The Incredibles did this more effectively, but the issue of loss, not just the brother, was a central theme that I think, for the age demographic, it still dealt with pretty well.

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