Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Marvel was playing a very dangerous game with Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s always risky to bet so heavily on any single project and in this case, a movie. For more than the year, we’ve been repeatedly teased with trailers, countless advertisements and even in another movie in the same universe, (see, Captain America: Winter Soldier) up to breaking point. Without a doubt, this was the most awaited film of the year.

So how was it?

Fans of the MCU would love to know that nothing went wrong here. The movie was simply amazing. Marvel Studios had made a lot of promises and Avengers: Age of Ultron totally lived up to the hype.

The Fights

We know what we want here, so let’s not lie. It was already hard to believe how much fighting you can put into a movie like the Avengers back in 2012. Age of Ultron is bigger, badder and even has two more superheroes (or ‘Enhancements’ as they were called.)

Regardless, the fights here are nothing short of astounding. Right from the start we’re treated to large scale fights. And what’s better than seeing a superhero kick ass, a whole team of superheroes kicking major ass. [Spoiler] Be it the entire Avengers team converging on a major Hydra facility or taking on Ultron for almost the rest of the movie, each fight scene was as memorable as the last one.

This time, the filmmakers took everything a step further. Besides the very well scripted action sequences, there were lots of picture perfect moments where the whole team comes together in one glorious frame. That is something all superhero comics show with all glory and Age of Ultron didn’t shy away from its original heritage. The fights were bigger and better, there’s no denying that. Still, I missed the awesome alien fights from the first movie.


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Iron Man vs Hulk was a major teaser and I’m sure a significant portion of the viewers are looking forward to this one fight in the movie. Tony Stark definitely outdid himself this time with the enhanced ‘Hulkbuster’ suit, codenamed Veronica. (How do they come with such cool names all the time?) The fight scene was nothing short of epic and level of destruction brought upon the city by those two ran parallel with the Superman going all out against General Zod in Man of Steel. Having said that, you could imagine how much of dust and debris would fill the screen. I won’t go into much detail as this is something everyone should see for themselves.

Cast and Character

This is something that many people fail to notice. It is a very tough job to write a story with multiple main characters. Heck, rarely do we see any great writing with one character even.avengers-age-of-ultron-3.png

To take into account all the eight superpowers is no easy matter. The writers have to deal with all the characters at the same time while keeping in mind that none of the heroes get any more or less importance in the movie. All the individuals, with their own unique backgrounds, and problems have to be dealt with. And their different powers and abilities are a different topic all together. Trying to show all this, while still telling a story in a natural and organic manner is something that gets little credit in movies like this. Other notable examples (among superhero movies) are The X-Men and the Watchmen. This is the biggest hurdle in creating high budget movies that feature a team of superheroes. But the writers here got away with all the prizes. The chemistry between the heroes, was simply spot on.

Ultron, in the flesh
Ultron, in the flesh

My favourite character here without a doubt, was Ultron. I mean he has to be one of the best villains in recent memory. A genocidal artificial intelligence who quotes and recites poetry? I tell you, the only thing scarier than an all-powerful supervillain is a supervillain who’s well read.

Right from the beginning, Ultron felt like a force to be reckoned with. His calm manner of speech always had a sense of mystery to it and that was something both impressive and unsettling about him at the same time. Ultron was the reason the viewer was always at the edge of his seat in this movie.


The story was a lot stronger than the first Avengers movie. The initial part of that movie was something that always bothered me. Huge events like an entire alien invasion don’t come into motion by just a freak accident like it was shown there. There’s got to be a strong back-story behind an event of such a large scale. Age of Ultron had a lot of build up from past movies (mainly Avengers, 2012 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier) to finally take off with a strong story. This was one of the main reasons why this movie was so enjoyable and for a movie with so many elements in it, there were surprisingly very few plot holes. Still, I didn’t say there weren’t any.


  1. Ultron

If you could hack into any device or network on the planet, then why not finish the world by nuking the planet? Ok, I get that you want to do that while beating the avengers. Cool. But then why not cripple all of Stark’s resources while you were simply clearing SHIELD’s records? Why not take over the world’s military power while only trying to create a brand new one.

  1. Thor

What was the need to visit that cave? And why did you have to take Eric Selvig with you in there?

  1. Vision

It was never made clear: How much of Ultron, Stark or Jarvis went into him? And does the rest of his all-pure character come from the stone itself?

  1. Quicksilver

Harbouring a lifelong hatred for an individual is something that we all want to do. But it’s really hard to believe how easily one can shake hands with one’s greatest enemy as situations change. It’s even harder to believe how he could sacrifice himself like that

It is surprising that even though the fights and scenes have been beefed up to epic proportions, the scale of the movie is still less than the first movie. And when you have such a big collection of superheroes you expect them to take the entire planet by storm. If it weren’t for a hyper-cool villain like Ultron, the movie might have even turned out to be a bit boring.


Top notch. There was nothing lacking here and what we have here is the very best of Hollywood. On such a high budget film, you can definitely expect everything. Super cool characters, jaw dropping explosions, you name it. It never ends.


The background score is very similar to the one in the first Avengers movie and it’s okay. The music is just right for the movie and did its job right.

To sum it up, great visuals, awesome fights, cool cast and great writing. There’s nothing bad here people. Avengers: Age of Ultron is taking the box office by storm; but we knew that was going to happen, right? And to be frank, I don’t even know why you people are reading this if you haven’t watched it yet. Because if you haven’t, GTFO and go see this film!



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  1. My only issue with this movie is the “origin of Ultron”… In the original Marvel, I believe Ultron was the creation of Henry Pym (the AntMan), not Tony Stark. I find it quite haphazard that the “Ultron Project” was brought up in the movie without any proper introduction scenes on when and why Tony started the project… A flashback would have been a blast! 🙂

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