Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


This is like the biggest movie of the year. In terms of action, Avengers was great; Age of Ultron was even better, but Mad Max: Fury Road is just plain insanity! George Miller’s post-apocalyptic world makes an explosive comeback with the fourth instalment in the series. If you haven’t watched the trailer, you should. Many a times, trailers show something really cool but we end up with a brutally mediocre movie, but not here. The main trailer is two and a half minutes of pure madness! And the movie? Simply put, it’s the trailer stretched for over two hours with even more over the top action sequences, flying cars, bullets, explosions and more.

Boom, boom and BOOM!

The fight scenes here are just plain crazy. The movie takes only a few minutes to acquaint the viewer with a dystopian future where precious resources like water and oil are scarce and in control of only a few powerful clans. Right from the start, we follow the story of the main protagonist, Max Rockatansky as he gets caught in the middle of a war. A badass Imperator Furiosa attempts to rescue the five prized ‘breeders’ of the clan leader, Immortan Joe in her War-Rig from his clan and two other murderous clans. What follows is one of the biggest car chases I have ever seen! Never have I seen so much of fighting and explosions put in a short time span of under two hours. Outrageous vehicles, death defying stunts, epic vehicular battles, awesome settings, and hot babes- this movie has everything.

Concept Art

The character design and vehicle design is something that’ll come to notice right in the first few minutes. This movie looks like something that’s straight out from the comic books and for that British comic artist, Brendan McCarthy deserves most of the credit.

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The outrageously designed vehicles never cease to amaze. It looked like they had a war machine for any kind of job- be it pulling people out from other cars (or putting them in) or even pulling other cars; there are just so many variations, all of which are worthy of a detailed discussion of their own.

The Mad Guitarist This was arguably one of the coolest things in modern cinema!
The Mad Guitarist
This was arguably one of the coolest things in modern cinema!

And not juts the vehicles, the characters are equally interesting. The mutant war-dogs, the bandits, all the other characters have been intricately thought out. And of course, the best ones are definitely the clan leaders, all of which feature really fascinating appearances. My personal favourite (and most other people too) is of course, the Mad Guitarist. That man, with his fire spitting guitar has to be one of the most crazily thought out character in movie making history.


Totally badass!

Originally Mel Gibson was going to be casted during the failed production of Mad Max 4 back in 2003. Now, I can hardly imagine anyone else playing the lead other than Tom Hardy himself. In addition, the movie features a strong cast with Charlize Theron playing the other lead role of the badass alpha, Imperator Furiosa. And of course, we cannot forget the clan leaders. All of them took centre-stage whenever they appeared on screen with their eccentric appearances and personalities. The voice of Huggh Keays-Byrne was another one of the strong feature of the movie. And last but not the least, supermodels are always welcome and this movie features all five of those angels. (Bathing)


The background score is a very powerful piece of composition. The grand scale of the scenes is truly brought to life with the work of Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL that perfectly complements this movie.

You could feel the difference with this creative syncing of the soundtrack with a silent movie by Walter Rafelsberger on Vimeo.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a brilliantly executed movie. Thirty years ago, the series redefined the genre of post-apocalyptic future, and this May it only goes to show that the series still has a lot more. This movie might not have been as highly anticipated as Age of Ultron or some of the others set to be released this year but I doubt if any one of them will be able to be as cool as this one. This movie exceeds all expectations.


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  1. Wow what a fantastic review! If this isn’t your career, it should be!! Great pics, especially the ones that move- so cool! Now I can’t wait to see the movie! Way to go!!

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