Delhi Belly (2011)

This movie is awesome on so many levels!

Delhi Belly is one of those rare examples of film-making from the land of Bollywood that actually reflect the mind-set of the modern Indian youth. The humour gets you so right. What you have here is an unadulterated product of the current generation of Indians and you can see how far we can go without the limiting factor of the general business model that’s seen in most movies of today. (The movie. Mainly because this movie was not fully aimed at the Indian audience.)


Rich. All characters had an important role to play, everyone was interesting in his or her own way, and funny as hell. Imran Khan is not known for his acting but the role of Tashi Malhotra was just right for him here in Delhi Belly. A serious looking guy, Tashi is a weird character. You can’t say that this type of guys are uncommon but not unheard of either. He mostly kept things to himself and his casual take on everything in his life was at the heart of the comedy in his story. And his reserved manner always kept an aura of mystery whenever he came on screen and that helped pull through the story throughout.

The other characters, equally great.


Delhi-Belly-Bedardi-RajaThe guy who suffers from a really bad stomach for the whole movie was the biggest comic relief in this movie. It was always a joy to see him decimate the latrine wherever he went, no matter how serious the situation might be. (Heck, this is the first I’ve seen who literally shit under gun-fire!)


25154The cool girl. She has all the qualities of my Indian dream girl- totally cool and understanding, has a really mature outlook, is not unnecessarily girly and is not a feminazi. It was interesting to see Menaka whenever she appeared on screen. Poorna Jagannathan did a good job here. And the final scene with Imran Khan- epic!


Very good writing here. The plot is appropriately deep and is intelligent enough to keep you wondering what will happen next the whole time. The movie has an overall dark theme to it which is a strange blend with such brilliant humour on the forefront. There’s a lot that goes on in this movie and everything is as interesting as it is funny.

Well, that was uncalled for.
Well, that was uncalled for.


It grabs your eye right from the start. The brilliant talent of Jason West should be applauded for this. He really brought out the life of the three boys who were men in a big city living under minimum standard of living. But this was only one side of the coin; the other being the awesome soundtrack.


There aren’t enough words to describe the awesome music that is in Delhi Belly. First of all, the soundtrack if one of the works of music that have the right blend of the old and the new, India and the west. The brilliant camera work, backed up by a mesmerizing soundtrack grabs your attention right from the start. Plus it seems like they had a music for everything- be it the most hilarious situation or a dead right serious one.
And you can’t have a true Bolly-movie without any dancing, right. Of course there’s virtually no real life situation where everyone will start dancing on the beats of a new song all at once but trust, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

You can't make a Bollywood movie without some real Bollywood in it
You can’t make a Bollywood movie without some real Bollywood in it

I can’t stress enough how great people pulled off with this movie. This is a truly professional work and you can really get a glimpse of the real potential of Bollywood. Not only this, there are a lot of movies that are slowly coming up, Gangs of Wasseypur, Kahani, Pan Singh Tomar, A Wednesday to name a few. Delhi Belly has a bit of everything. People who think Bollywood is only random dancing and singing, this will be an eye opener. A must watch.


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