A Darker Truth

The year is 1942. Quit India movement was well under well underway. The location, in front of the Patna secretariat. Despite police warnings 7 young college boys took to the streets with the ‘Tiranga’- the tricolor, a sign of hope for the Indians and of defiance to the British. All eyes were locked on the seven lads, who made their way to the pedestal in front of the secretariat building, the flag above their shoulders. They were immediately fired upon. They fell one by one, but the national flag never fluttered. It was passed forward before any one of them succumbed to their injuries. The Tiranga, shining in all its glory never backed down, and finally replaced the Union Jack. All the seven students were dead, while a country of millions was still watching on, silent and fearful.

Only those 7 had the courage, the dynamic spirit, the unconditional love for their motherland. And there were lots of other people standing there who did nothing. This is the stark reality of our country.

We are born and raised to obey, to be an inferior person. An idea has grown into us that everything foreign is better while we boast that India is great. All the new technological goodies, the hot topic of today come from the land of opportunity, a place of never-ending creativity and innovation. This is what we lack. But another thing we are lacking is patriotism. What’s the point of pretending that our country is great, when deep inside, we feel less than our foreign counterparts. It has been a trend to become a part of the brain drain. Indians have long ago lost their spirit, their indomitable energy extinguished already. Why shouldn’t we invest in our selfs? Why not develop on our own? With the building of our own technology, infrastructure and institutions and the kind of brain power available, we can really rule the world.

The country is slowly developing a western identity. This is good. Swamiji wanted an Indian society with western science coupled with Vedanta. But what about the latter part? Forget, Vedanta, we are slowly losing our own identity. All our languages are systematically disintegrating, and traditions are being forgotten. We must globalise but must never forget who we are or where we come from. Our past glory only justifies that all must be preserved and cherished and that we must live up to it. Bharat Mata is slowly dissolving into a lifeless allegory with no meaning.

Only a small percentage of Indians opposed the British while most remained ignorant. It is said that under the reign of evil, love for the dearest rises manifold times. And to think that so few fought for India even then!

15th august is celebrated for a purpose. It is the day we remember our martyrs. It is the day when we draw inspiration from our heroes. The day when we pay homage to our mother and take the oath of eternal devotion to her. This day we remember our struggles, rebuild our pride, and rediscover our nation.

Feel thy spirit. Remember thy nation. Live like a true Indian. If everyone emanates with the same conflagration, India is sure to prosper and rise even higher than the nation it was once before. In Swamiji’s words,

India will be raised, not with the power of flesh, but with the power of the spirit; not with the flag of destruction, but with the flag of peace and love, the garb of the Sannyasin; not by the power of wealth, but by the power of begging bowl. One vision I see clear as life before me: that the ancient mother has awakened once more, sitting on Her throne rejuvenating, more glorious than ever. Proclaim her to the world with the voice of peace and benediction.

Jai hind!

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3 thoughts on “A Darker Truth”

  1. The darker is yet to come… The youth pays the price for the sins of its forefathers…A change from the roots requires a brutal jolt, one that leads to the ‘forced’ reconstruction of the moral fabric.

    This country has been stripped off its moral fabric systematically by way of religious disputes, shrewd self-centeredness, hierarchical garb and reservation.

    Either we will change, or we will be forced to change…a choice not the old (and bygones) but the youth (the future) needs to make…..how soon it chooses to make one, depends upon how many more such ‘fools’ such as the 7 people in your story take to the streets.

    The govt. is boycotting such articles and stories online and in print by the way…anything that looks like anti-govt. Food for thought..


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