Rodor Sithi (2014)

A good movie creates a lot of hype if it is well received by the audience. Rodor Sithi was a movie about which I heard a lot of praises. Obviously, my expectations were high. This was going to be my second Assamese movie in the theater after the 2003 National Award winner, Tora. So how was the film?
A big disaster.

This is the most positive opinion I could present. Two things completely ruined the movie; one, the acting and the other is the story. Other than that, the constant presence of a song or some music playing in the background was a real irritant.


This is the strongest aspect of the movie. The film employs a lot of varied techniques and the final outcome is pretty decent. You could actually create a very captivating trailer by just using the video clips (but you have to mute the audio.) Alas, the virtually stupid storyline and the bad acting takes all the magic away.

Still, the visual style in the film is truly praiseworthy. In fact, the cinematography in this film betters even many contemporary Bollywood hits even.

Acting & Cast

I can’t stress this more strongly; a famous singer is not necessarily a good actor. The two lead actors are among the top contemporary singers in Assam. Sure, they attracted a lot of viewers but you have to respect the movie also. Zubeen was terrible almost all the time while Papon also gave a poor performance. And not only them, the entire cast overacted throughout. If not, then there was just bad acting in bits. Constant staring blankly like a retard and incessant sobbing for the most absurd reasons was a common sight. Oh, and did I mention the completely artificial body language by the entire cast?

The movie is filled with characters that play no role in the story at all.
The movie is filled with characters that play no role in the story at all.

Besides the obvious, the movie is also filled with a lot of unnecessary characters who had almost nothing to do with the story or its outcome. As a result, the movie is filled with many secondary storylines which only lengthened the movie while making it even worse.

Costume & Dress

The characters of Zubeen and Papon are only seen in party dress all the time. Even while visiting his father’s grave, Zubeen manages to sport a fancy top with expensive jeans while showing off his gold necklace. And Papon never left his aviator glasses, be it in class or even during the night. There is one time in the movie when all the characters are suddenly showed in black robes, like from a movie on exorcism.

PPS. And the girls were sitting and crying for no reason during that sequence.


This is an achievement in its own. A story that can be told in under an hour was stretched over two hours which felt like forever. The terribly weak storyline is riddled with plot holes which is the main downside to the movie, followed by the acting.

  1. How come Papon decide to marry a girl of a completely different community in less than a minute of meeting her?
  2. How can Papon be a professor of computer science, chemistry, music and so many other disciplines?
  3. Who goes to the middle of GS Road for peace and quiet? Oh yeah, Zubeen.
  4. The guy who got Papon’s eyes also inherited his way of thinking and philosophy.


The movie had some really great songs. Endhare and Protidine are actually in one of the top charts right. But despite that, they were a real pain to the ears. Sure, this movie was called a musical but that doesn’t mean that you can play different versions of the same song over and over again!? This was like Mohabbatein all over again. Lack of variety and the incessant humming of a background music throughout the entire two hours is another bad point here.

I would conclude the review with a few words from a random viewer I found on the internet, “…the part enacted by the 3 daughters were more of Drama which according to me will not be liked by all categories of audiences. And I felt some parts of the movie dragged unnecessarily and Bhagirathi overacted too. Zubeen, Papon, and the songs were at their best !! Two hours of the movie and only depicting self-discovery maybe will not be welcomed by all.”



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