Pitchers (2015)

Yaar, kya mast series tha yaar TVF!

TVF Pitchers is the most recent online web-series on the highly popular Indian YouTube channel, The Viral Fever. I’ll be direct here- Pitchers is one of the best work of motion picture to ever come out of this country. And the fact that such an extraordinary work of art has been made by such a small group of talented “aam-aadmi’s”, makes everything so much more appealing. Amit Golani has done a terrific job with this web-series. Arunabh Kumar is already a living legend in my book and his latest creation just goes to establish his status. 


The story is gritty and real. The series captures the heart and soul of the modern-Indian lifestyle in the big cities. All my cousins and seniors living in this life of organized chaos and strangely, not one Bollywood movie or any Indian television production has ever even attempted to show this side of developing India. The best part of the series, something that really differentiates it from the rest is the level of realism. There is no drama, there is no cliché. Sure, there are lots of cool lines (LOTS!), but they all seem natural and not made up. The brilliant thing is how the lines perfectly correlate to their respective characters like you really feel like only Yogi’s can mess up the spelling of a word and come up with an equally ridiculous comeback.

See TVF Pitchers: Best dialogues


Viral Fever hain, toh humor toh hoga hi na. Characters this side were both real and genuinely funny. Humor in Bollywood movies in general feels like it is being forced to me and in the end, it just makes me want to cry. Pitchers is a mature work of fiction. The comedy here will keep you refreshed throughout. Right from the characters, their lines to the various scenarios, everything has something to add to the story, mostly in a good way. The humor here is very authentic and feel natural. And that final touch and the end of the last episode- classic!

And that final touch at the end of the last episode- classic!


This is a character-driven story. A lot depends heavily on the cast and the acting. Obviously, this department is well covered in this movie.

Naveen Bansal
Naveen Bansal, the morning after he had his ‘beer’ moment.

The team leader. A soft-spoken character with an indomitable will; Naveen is not your average IT guy. A capable leader and a genuine friend, no matter what went on in his life, his focus was always on his team and their mission. In fact, a majority of the story pivots around his story and his emotional and mental struggle against the many odds his team has to face.

Naveen Kasturia nicely fits into his role as Bansal. There were a few hiccups in the acting here and there, but that’s forgivable. A real character with real life complexities, Bansal really kept the show rolling. The writing and Kasturia’s performance, both deserve a tremendous round of applause. I was never more convinced.

Yogendra Kumar Pandey ‘Yogi’
A direct man

Arunabh Kumar’s character is the Daya of the group. Yogendra Pandey is the operations in-charge of his new team. Despite being a hot-head, Yogendra came up with a lot of bright ideas many times. And his college-boy attitude and his stories always reminded how he, Jitu and Naveen went so back, and that along with his passion for his work really showed us how much the entire venture meant for these people.

Jitendra Maheshwari ‘Jitu’
A flabbergasted Jitendra after realising that he has to confront his father for joining his start-up

This guy really showed us that behind every successful man is a wonderful woman. His wife Saumya was as integral to team as he was. A man with many unresolved issues, especially with his father and with his life, Jitendra was the character whose story of self-growth was the most evident of the four.

Jitendra Kumar was always was a bit weak on the acting and Pitchers was no exception. But in the end, the “Gunday nahi, entrepreneur hain be**chod!” dialogue made up for everything.

Sourav Mandal ‘Chutiya’ (basically)
*chutiya sala

Mandal is the kind of guy who’ll blow your gasket the very first moment you talk to him. Sourav Mandal is the outsider in the group and is always at odds with the others. Although he manages to get in as the expert in marketing in an unusual deal, he continuously struggles to be accepted by the other entrepreneurs he regards so highly. This, along with his eccentric behaviors and interests brings a certain humor to everything.

It’s safe to say no one could have played this role better than Abhay Mahajan. And the bromance between his character and Arunabh’s Yogi was the high point in the series. Together they gave some of the best laughs in all the five episodes. 

Besides the primary characters, the online series is full of other interesting characters. It’s hard to imagine how the guys from TVF managed to find so many talented new faces.


Very classic. The music that plays at the start of every episode has to be my favorite.

The teaser

Yeah, it’s basically the teaser that runs every time in each episode. The tune, along with the great direction gives out a very cool vibe. Everything about this video makes me want to step into the shoes of one of the four heroes of the series. From start to finish, this is the work of a true of artist.

Meet the new faces of the modern Indian entertainment industry

Although the theme song is not completely to my liking, the background score compliments the series very nicely. Of course, there’s no question of any ridiculous music videos in the middle in something that’s made by people who understand the mature audience.

I can’t overstate this: this is a must watch for any Indian. And don’t worry about not understanding stuff regarding economics, business, or anything else. This is just like the movie Wall Street: there are a lot of terminologies flying around, and there’s a lot happening everywhere. And although a layman might not be able to catch 100%, he will get the gist every time.

Forget foreign-made productions; TVF Pitchers currently stands at #22 in the IMDb rankings for the Top-Rated TV Shows!

The people at Viral Fever deserve a lot of praise for creating such a series. Undoubtedly one of the most underrated work of fiction in recent times, TVF Pitchers deserves a watch!


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