Spectre (2015)

The fallout after Skyfall was a promising one. After all, the series had changed a lot since Daniel Craig took the helm and Skyfall was the final testament to the modernization of the franchise. With the destruction MI6 and the untimely demise of M, people were really wondering. Spectre promised the same new formula and a brand new story. Things were starting to get interesting and when the movie finally came out, it just broke down.

Cinematography and Style

James Bond movies have a very high production value. Everything from the sets to the special effects was top notch. It was an absolute pleasure to just see the varied locations and set-pieces. James Bond movies are renowned for their glamour and show. Spectre left no stone unturned here.


Since Skyfall, people were finally relieved that 007-movies were going to get their old flair back. The story in Spectre destroyed what little hope we had about the series. It seems like the makers set aside almost everything for cheap theatrics and drama. The plot was predictable. The characters were predictable. Again, the plot so predictable, the movie had virtually no surprises in store for me, or for anyone another movie fan like me. All in all, this one was plain boring.

Lea Seydoux
Leå Seydoux in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions’ action adventure SPECTRE.

The romance here felt both absurd and unreal. All right, most Bond movies really are this way but Spectre had so less that you really start to notice all the smaller things. Plot holes were numerous where most of the time Bond would be simply held captive so that he could escape later. Instead of pulling the trigger, villains usually had a speech to bore us to death instead. Instead of killing the only man who could jeopardise all their evil plans, the villains decide to give the super-agent a chance to escape. Secretive organizations on top of even more shady people and institutions, secret organizations were almost like a common thing here. The plot was too thin to take seriously. Spectre falls miserably short of everything in its awkward storyline.

Music, acting and everything else

As mentioned earlier, Spectre had a high production value. Everything else that you needed in a movie was elegant and adequate. The movie had the polish of any good English film that you would expect in a modern film. The music was delightfully in line with the movie. The additional drama and swagger, although excessive, never felt boring, though.

Spectre was a poorly mediocre show. Behind all the glitz and glamour, the latest bond movie disappoints on many levels. Aside from the gorgeous locations and the girls (as usual), there’s very little to come back to. Quite frankly, this was the worst Bond movie till date.


3 thoughts on “Spectre (2015)”

  1. I still haven’t seen this one and now I’m not so sure I want to. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to anyway and I’ve been a 007 fan my whole life! Ah, what to do! Maybe I’ll watch it someday when I have nothing better to watch. Maybe.

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