I Am Me.

The Big Small Things


I am a girl, aged 26.

I wear size XS/S tees and have a waist size of 26. I am slim; not anorexic but fairly slim-built.
No, I am not dieting if I am not eating a meal. I am simply not hungry.

I don’t grow my nails.
No, it isn’t because I am a small-town girl who doesn’t know how to look presentable, but because I can’t maintain.

I am a girl who doesn’t like wearing jewelry.
No, it isn’t because I am tomboyish, but because I find beauty in simplicity.

I have completed my graduation and am earning quite a decent salary.
No, I am not marrying because it’s the right age. I don’t care what YOU think is right for me. I’m marrying because I want to settle down with my best friend.

I do not dream for a “Prince Charming”.
Not because I am a realistic…

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