The Assam Floods – An Appeal

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 | Bengtol, Assam, India

Hastily trodding with the bicycle in his hand and one of the packs of medicines is one of the relatives of the Village Headman.

This is Dababil; one of the most severely affected areas in the district of Chirang. Cut off entirely by the fury of the otherwise meek Aie River, the island has been reduced to almost 60% of its original land area and had suffered near complete inundation within just 3 days.

Assam is in a state of real emergency, having witnessed one of the most devastating floods to have ever occurred.

This has been my 3rd visit so far to this area. Initially having crossed the tumultuous waters of the ‘mighty’ Aie with the National Disaster Response Force, I had conducted a medical camp serving close to 200 patients on each visit.

Today was a bit different.

We decided to come to this place without any help from the Response Force. You might think how we ‘doctors’ could be so brash about things like safety, but we had our reasons.

Some 3 days ago, one of our medical teams were left stranded in neck-deep flood water by the Force itself when one of its boats lost an engine, leaving the team to fend for its own in the force majeure. The doctors walked 13 kilometers and crossed the River holding on to a rope and 7 Muslim boatmen, who offered Namaz to Allah abhorring him to spare their souls this one time.

One of the seniormost doctors of the district, Dr. Johnson Daimary , decided that enough was enough and hence, we walked close to 15 kilometers to reach this place where the people had organized themselves to receive us and tell us about their problems, to show that the medics could do it on their own.

To date, there are still more than 400 people with some sort of illness, however minor, with the possibility of flaring up at the slightest notice to a notorious epidemic.

The ministers will come and go, promises will be made and broken, but the medics will be at their service forever and people who wish to help, are invited to join us in our journey to make their world a better place to live again.

Be their Messiah.
Find your God inside you.

From, Life As A Lifesaver Instagram series by @the_real_bitopan

Cover photo: Life As A Lifesaver Part 4: An Appeal

[From] If you are in and around the area, you can share whatever you can by getting in touch with either of the governmental or non-governmental contacts mentioned below:

  • David Kujur: Inter-Agency Group: +91-7399016122: collaborating with all organisations working on ground;
  • Kaplianlal Thangluai: IGSSS (Indo Global Social Service Society): +91-8486355571: distress support in Lower Assam;
  • Assam Helpline of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA):0361-2237219
  • National Disaster Management Helpline: +91-9868891801
  • National Disaster Response Force (NDRF): +91-9711077372
  • Jayanta Das : Range Officer: Kaziranga National Park: +91-9435052838
  • Satyendra Singh: Field Director: Kaziranga National Park: +91-9435102834

Or you could donate to the various NGO’s working on the issue. Few are listed below:

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One thought on “The Assam Floods – An Appeal”

  1. Abhineet. I really feel pleasure for the incident as Your state is hardly enjoying the worth of a province it ought to have. Maybe because Your people believe in Working rather politicising. Really Great ! I will tell you my disappointment when on of my friends didn’t believe the incident because he thinks 13 km is a long distance to walk in water. It is a great dishonour to those doctors whose service was suspected.

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