Batman v Superman – Why the fans loved it, and why the critics hated it?

After almost a year of heavy teasing and heavy discussions, we finally have the chance to watch one of the most awaited blockbusters of the year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

But right now, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the movie, especially when it comes to the polarized opinions and reviews about the movie. Here’s why.

Why the fans liked it

  • Zack Snyder

    There are very few people who are as dedicated to this genre as Zack Snyder. Right from the start, Dawn of Justice screams of Snyder’s typical style which we all love. Slow motion sequences, ever-changing environments, in a scale rivaling some of the biggest action movies. Batman v Superman never felt boring.
    My personal favorite was the first appearance of the Bat in the beginning of the movie. Batman is a character that relies more on theatrics, a master of the art of deception, and that was exactly how he was showed. This was something that even the later Chris Nolan movies progressively failed to deliver. And Snyder worked wonders here.

  • The build-up

    The initial build-up to the story was great. Comic-fans especially would like this. Origin stories are one of the best parts in movies like these, and Dawn of Justice left no stone unturned. There is an argument floating around that Batman v Superman is a treat for comic lovers and this point justifies the statement.

    • One extra bit of information I found out on the internet, that explain’s the build-up and the numerous other ‘epic’ scenes in the movie. This youtube vlog is an incredible insight into one of the primary reasons why the pacing of the movie always seemed out of place, as well as its failure in conveying what it originally sought to do in the first place.
  • The Fight

    [Spoiler] I’m not saying about the final fight against the Doomsday, but the fight between Superman and Batman. Of course, Batman had no other option than to use the element-kryptonite against the alien. In fact, Doomsday is one of the few characters that can directly take on the Superman. For comic book fans, this might not be a new experience as there are several encounters between the two mentioned in comics, like in Batman: Hush. From start to finish (okay, not the finish), the fight was an exciting one, mainly because you just want to know how Batman will manage this one. For me, this one still felt underwhelming but I’ll buy it anyways.

  • Batman

    Let’s face it: we all were curious how the new Batman looked. It is always the Dark Knight who surprises with cool gadgets and new tricks up his sleeve. And while we saw the same old Henry Cavill on the trailers, Ben Affleck continued to catch curious eyes despite the polarised opinions about the actor in general. And the biggest highlight here was the Batmobile.

    The perfect marriage of video game art and big screen graphics
  • Hans Zimmer

    Although Zimmer may be retiring from superhero movies, but that doesn’t undermine what he has already done. Literally saving a movie just with his music (I’m looking at you, Man of Steel) Hans Zimmer has been known to consistently produce top-quality compositions and Dawn of Justice is no exception. A result of over 10 years of work, this culmination of talent and creativity is in complete harmony with the character of the film. Most don’t notice this, but this is what differentiates the great titles from the rest. Batman v Superman is just right here.

  • Gal Gadot

    To be frank, I wished that Wonder Woman had much more screen time in this movie.
    *But other than looks there isn’t anything else worth mentioning. Superhero movies inherently don’t keep much room for acting, especially when your character is a masked one. But Wonder Woman and Superman had enough screen time and so did Batman without his mask. Ben Affleck didn’t impress, Superman was same as in Man of Steel and Wonder Woman was horrible. Overall, the acting was poor.

  • Doomsday

    Again, this is a topic that has mixed views. The general opinion surrounding this fight has been disappointing. The one thing, the only thing I appreciated about this,  a comic-fan is that the makers showed him as ‘The One Who Killed Superman‘.

Why the critics hated it

  • ‘Go kill the Bat.’ Really?

    Everything was fine until the showdown. Of course, the movie was all about the epic showdown between man and a demigod but the plot surrounding it was too thin to be considered seriously.
    There was Lex Luthor, the criminal mastermind- the man behind it all. Superman knew all this. Superman knew that he was holding his mother captive. And given the option, he even agreed to kill the bat in exchange for his mother’s life?
    To be clear, this is something a good-guy like Clark Kent would never murder someone else in exchange for something. Just think about it. We were all so hyped about the inevitable battle between the two titans that at the first hint of the fight, we forgot everything else.

  • “Martha”

    Quite easily the dumbest part of the movie. So basically, Batman and Superman become best friends after they find out that their moms have the same name? Bull**!FB_IMG_1459330816337

  • Loius Lane

    Amy Reid is undoubtedly a talented actress. But in Batman v Superman, her performance was both repetitive and boring. Her character was the most irritating one in the movie because of bad writing. Her only job in the movie was just to get into trouble while Superman would swoop in and save her.

  • {This one was from the internet}8273_846673902127249_7444496863525110351_n.jpg
  • Doomsday?

    Why did Lex Luthor create Doomsday anyway? What was his objective in the first place? At first, he was obsessed about pinning the two heroes against each other for the greater ‘good’ in his mind. But what after? These are questions that will probably be answered later in the expansive universe but for now, these story threads are left annoyingly hanging. Darkseid or not, a movie cannot be defined by its sequels.

  • Superman

    We know that Superman is dumb when compared to the Bat, but in a movie where even Batman has been dumbed down to the extent of Bollywood, there were no limits. A man of super strength, Superman could have just thrown the krypton-spear on Doomsday because, well it drains the life out of both of them. Or he could have even handed the staff to Wonder Woman to finish the job. But he had to go and impress his girlfriend. And die.

  • Metahumans

    We all know that the DC Universe is progressing toward a larger ensemble of characters, the Justice League. But there’s a difference. This sort of progression should occur naturally, not forced into our throats. Even when the MCU was pushing for the Avengers ensemble, they did gradually. In Dawn of Justice, besides the three main heroes, the other three ‘metahumans’ felt like that extra piece of pudding that nobody wanted to eat.

  • Watchmen?
    It was natural that the two Snyder movies were compared, as both dealt with some similar themes.

    Actually, no. I’ve heard many people ramble about similarities between the two Snyder movies. This is complete rubbish. Although the movie tries to dwell on the real world behind the flashy dresses and gadgets, it never got to the point. The story  is nothing compared to the complex narrative of Watchmen. The movie really went for that dark and gritty feel but ended up being just superficial.

My opinion

Actually, all of the above-stated points are my opinions and mine alone. The acting part wasn’t that special to be worth mentioning, on top of the fact that there wasn’t much room for that anyway.

  • Lex Luthor

    Jesse Eisenberg played his role alright. But while some might have liked this new persona of the age-old villain, Lex Luthor, my opinions are different. Actually, the character of Luthor is exactly what you would think of if you tried to picture an eccentric modern billionaire with lots of issues and with a thing for a chaos and destruction. And yeah, the overacting. That was all over.

All in all, I didn’t like this movie that much, provided that there was so much possible here. And after so much wait, Dawn of Justice wasn’t really what I expected and ended up being a disappointment.


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5 thoughts on “Batman v Superman – Why the fans loved it, and why the critics hated it?”

  1. fuck yourself. if you were a comic book fan you would know why on saying martha batman ended the battle. its not dumb you’re dumbass. Ben affleck also acted exacly like the comics. Also metahumans were not an extra piece, if you search on the internet for the reviews you will find that people said flash scene gave me goosebumbps. So. be a comic book fan to before loading shit on the internet.


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