So bored in class

A poem has to rhyme
So the following lines will rhyme.
This is just a way to pass my time.

This teacher is boring me to hell.
How does she have so much to tell?
I just can’t wait for the ringing of the bell.

It is thrilling avoiding the teacher’s sight.
Because hand me down, she might
If she finds out what I write.

Diseases and drugs,
The living and the dead.
It never really ends.

And now I’m feeling all down;
My face with a big frown.
Fuck it! I’ll go to China Town.

In retrospect, I feel that some things need to be cleared for better context:

  • The poem was actually written during a class, in med school. 
  • China Town is a popular restaurant in the area

This post was submitted to a Daily Post Prompt: Ready, Set, Done, Writers Block PartyYawn, Giggle, Irksome and Frivolous

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