In the Rain

Billows of torrent
In motion, perpetual.
The darkness looming behind.
A sea with no tide, an ocean with no life.

Calculating emotions,
Manoeuvring through the pain.
Disillusioned with purpose,
Wandering aimless, (in) the storm.

Almost mechanical, this life.
Without any heart or joy;
Without hope, without love.
A life without meaning.

Then, a breach in the shadows;
In the midst of the darkness and the rain,
Through the billows of doubt, shone a light
The reality of hope, a miracle unexpected.


Submitted to a Daily Post prompt: Solitude, PassionateAweCompanionHope, DreamStrugglePensive, Water, SincereH2O, The Road Taken, AcceptanceLiminal & Raison D’être

33 thoughts on “In the Rain”

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    1. Thanks.
      And i just checked out your blog. As it looks like it’s still in it’s infancy, I’d advise you to go wherever your heart takes you, and keep on blogging. After all, this is one of the best mediums for self expression.
      Happy blogging!

      *the Daily Post and indiblogger are good for pointers

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