Lift off!

He was sitting there a second ago! 😀

Lift off! by Abhineet Dey on
Lift off! by Abhineet Dey on 500px

This post was submitted to Photo of the Week and Black and White Photo Challenge and Daily Post prompts:  Motion, Muse, Mind the GapAnimalJumpEdgeMonochromatic, BaseCarefulHesitate(Extra)ordinary, Oops! and On the Way

21 thoughts on “Lift off!”

  1. Hi,
    I am also interested in photography and have blogged about it several times. We met in the Community Pool. I’m glad you liked my comment about the benefit of networking there. Nice to meet you.

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  2. Just checked in.
    As you’ve said, you’re actually fairly new here at WordPress.
    With only three posts, my first advice is to write your heart out.
    Practice will improve everything. And as for now, you should really look into grammar and the simple details such as prior punctuations and capitalization. Blogs are somewhat more formal than social networks (at least the type of blog you’re trying to create), so it’s best if you maintain that.

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