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“There is the truth , the perception of truth, and versions that don’t even come close; but it’s the perception that creates the most conflict every time.”
― Johnnie Dent Jr.

The Microscope

“Have you seen a microscope?”

I am a medical student who has already completed one tough year in a premier institute of India, involving so many study hours and work in the labs and dissection halls and the teacher now insults me along with all everyone else in the room with this question.

“Have you ever used a microscope?” she adds to the insult. She then continues to explain the parts if the microscope and its uses. Listen, lady, I have been studying about this since class IX, and have known about it way back when I was a little kid and have used it many, many times.

And all the flatterers seated at the first-row nod in approval and agree with every word the teacher was saying- all about something that we all know as long as anyone could remember. And to add to the drama, most people here still don’t know how to focus! Even the teachers sometimes casually remark that none of the students know how to focus even after attending so many classes on this. But doesn’t that put them at fault as well?They’re the ones teaching us un the first place, right? Everyone is at fault here.

People are always wondering what is wrong with our education system. We rarely come up with an answer for that and even if someone has an answer, well nothing ever gets done around here, does it?

Regardless; I was just pondering over things during this pointless class:
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Honor Our Fathers

Modern India had a very troubled beginning.  The India we know today transpired through many through chapters. Our independence was only possible because of the work & sacrifice of select individuals. That is why we still remember them and that is why we must honour them. Continue reading Honor Our Fathers

My place in the world as an Indian

One in every six individuals in the world is an Indian. So obviously we’re a common bunch in the world. But the fact is, most of us reside in our own soil, the Americas, Canada, and some other countries in the west and the Africas. In reality, though, our position in the world is very confusing. There are a lot of reasons for that.
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