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Upside Down (2012)

Upside Down (2012)

I just wasted two hours of my life!
PS. Nice visuals though…


Her (2013)

This movie is unique; I’ll give you that.

A guy falls in love with a piece of software? Siri users- beware.

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Intouchables (2011)

Intouchables (2011)

“The film, which is about to be released in Britain, has been breaking box-office records in France and Germany, and one of the reasons seems to be that it gives the audience permission to laugh with, not at, people with disabilities, and see their lives as they have never seen them before.” -Nigel Farndale, The Telegraph


Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

This movie has so much heart. For years this movie had been lying in my PC and I finally played it tonight. And I am glad that I had waited this long. This is a rare piece of work that is mature and so full of meaning. The deeply layered movie, beautifully explores the intricate details about an ordinary family with ordinary people with real problems; problems that might not appeal to everyone on screen but, very real problems. Continue reading Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

My place in the world as an Indian

One in every six individuals in the world is an Indian. So obviously we’re a common bunch in the world. But the fact is, most of us reside in our own soil, the Americas, Canada, and some other countries in the west and the Africas. In reality, though, our position in the world is very confusing. There are a lot of reasons for that.
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an Inconvenient Truth

In today’s world, we have achieved the impossible. After years of vociferous advancements, we are finally on the verge of immense success or fatal catastrophe.

We have farms, we have factories. We have cars, trains and ships. Heck, we can even travel to the moon if we wanted to. Man has conquered the seas, reshaped mountains and even bought life to the deserts. Obviously, we have touched the pinnacle of development and still, we are marching forward at a haphazard rate.

But this uncontrolled scientific development means that life on earth also faces a new kind of danger. A threat of unprecedented scale and impact. This is about an inconvenient truth: a global warming.

Global warming is caused by the build-up of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, which is capping in more heat than that would normally escape the atmosphere.

We do not yet fully know how radical climate change will affect our way of life, but we do know that the effects of growing carbon dioxide emissions already occurring are staggering: the eleven years ranging between 1995 and 2006 rank among the twelve warmest years recorded since 1850. Continue reading an Inconvenient Truth

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso

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