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A Darker Truth

The year is 1942. Quit India movement was well under well underway. The location, in front of the Patna secretariat. Despite police warnings 7 young college boys took to the streets with the ‘Tiranga’- the tricolor, a sign of hope for the Indians and of defiance to the British. All eyes were locked on the seven lads, who made their way to the pedestal in front of the secretariat building, the flag above their shoulders. They were immediately fired upon. They fell one by one, but the national flag never fluttered. It was passed forward before any one of them succumbed to their injuries. The Tiranga, shining in all its glory never backed down, and finally replaced the Union Jack. All the seven students were dead, while a country of millions was still watching on, silent and fearful. Continue reading A Darker Truth

an Inconvenient Truth

In today’s world, we have achieved the impossible. After years of vociferous advancements, we are finally on the verge of immense success or fatal catastrophe.

We have farms, we have factories. We have cars, trains and ships. Heck, we can even travel to the moon if we wanted to. Man has conquered the seas, reshaped mountains and even bought life to the deserts. Obviously, we have touched the pinnacle of development and still, we are marching forward at a haphazard rate.

But this uncontrolled scientific development means that life on earth also faces a new kind of danger. A threat of unprecedented scale and impact. This is about an inconvenient truth: a global warming.

Global warming is caused by the build-up of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, which is capping in more heat than that would normally escape the atmosphere.

We do not yet fully know how radical climate change will affect our way of life, but we do know that the effects of growing carbon dioxide emissions already occurring are staggering: the eleven years ranging between 1995 and 2006 rank among the twelve warmest years recorded since 1850. Continue reading an Inconvenient Truth