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Game Over

The bullet whistled past, just inches from his face. John dived for cover. By the time he reached for his gun, the dark figure retreated in the shadows.

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”We‘re losing height. I repeat, we are…”

The alarms were screaming incessantly while the dials showed the worst possible news. The massive Russian-built aircraft was renowned for its reliability; but that even that plane was doomed.

“I repeat, we are losing altitude”

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An Old Friend

July, the third

The day was fresh like a splinter in his mind. It is always painful eye to eye when you both know that only one is going to make it. Captain Hari Singh and Colonel Mohit Chawla were inseparable since they were first assigned together on the Russian-built Ilyushin II-78 MKI R Cargo Plane by the Indian Air Force. During a routine transport mission in the Kashmir region, the aircraft suffered a catastrophic engine malfunction and their plane was headed on a collision course with the Himalayas. The major was
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