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The Greatest Friend In The World

A father, a mentor,
A student, a teacher,
A source of joy,
Of pleasure and of love.
He stood by my side
Despite the shifting tides.
Yet battered and worn;
My only source of hope,
My only place of refuge,
My only true friend. Continue reading The Greatest Friend In The World



”We‘re losing height. I repeat, we are…”

The alarms were screaming incessantly while the dials showed the worst possible news. The massive Russian-built aircraft was renowned for its reliability; but that even that plane was doomed.

“I repeat, we are losing altitude”

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I Cried

Through and through
Her cry drilled through my ears.
Body, mind and soul,
Nothing could bear it no more.
Almost deafening,
Brought me nearly to tears.
Somebody please kill me.
This, I just can’t take anymore.

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Brothers for Life

Vidyapith was so many things for me. It was so much for all of us. And I am the most grateful for giving me the friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life. They are the main reason besides the school that made me what I am today. And among those 72, two were to be my closest of them all. Continue reading Brothers for Life