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I Cried

Through and through
Her cry drilled through my ears.
Body, mind and soul,
Nothing could bear it no more.
Almost deafening,
Brought me nearly to tears.
Somebody please kill me.
This, I just can’t take anymore.

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Whispers in the Wind

So how long has it been? A decade, a year, a month or a day? I stopped counting. For days seemed to be all the same, lost in some cascade of hope and despair. But for all I would know, it’s been just a day, clear as yesterday when you said we weren’t meant to be. That my ambitions wouldn’t take me anywhere and that you were tired of being stuck with me. And yet, you seem to be still here. Did you too get stuck despite all? I wonder what you say to the new guy who dances with you now. Same things you used to say to me? The same old promises? It’s strange. You were never much of a dancer and yet, look at you now. What happened to the girl who used to shy away when I wanted to dance with you? All those years. Guess people really do change, don’t they? Continue reading Whispers in the Wind