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Sunway Lagoon

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Sunway Lagoon

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Jul 2 2015
Our second day here at #GMCH in front of the Hospital Superintendent Office.

Already angry over the fact that none of the demands were met from previous year during the Dr Sarita Toshniwal case despite repeated assurances, GMCH is again in #chaos in light of recent events.

In fact, the #media is also one of the culprits this time portraying a completely biased side of the news blatantly ignoring all relevant facts.
There are code of ethics that don’t allow a doctor to advertise or self-proclaim anything. Maybe that’s why no one pays any heed to the deteriorating health status of this nation. Maybe that’s why overworked doctors are so easily blamed for everything.

Hospitals are understaffed, the medical staff has to work overtime, infrastructure is pathetic, and salaries are months overdue.
The situation is grim. People need to know the facts before acting.


Doctors on Strike by Abhineet Dey on 500px.com
#DoctorsonStrike by Abhineet Dey on 500px

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